Michelle Mras

As an award winning, international keynote speaker, Michelle Mras has been featured in impressive media outlets. Recognizing the importance of spreading the hard-earned wisdom to reach as many hearts as possible, Michelle is able to take each outlet as an opportunity to support her community. Every article, magazine cover, and award is another chance to amplify the message and help others reach their full potential.

Michelle has traveled the world as a part of my military family, both in childhood and in marriage. Now, she continues going around the globe sharing her message of leading a full life of intention through motivational speaking and coaching. I’ve proudly claimed Colorado as my permanent home, but the love of travel, adaptability, and lifelong exploring still courses through her.

Her professional background has spanned the gamut of Quality Systems Management, Engineering, Marketing Management, Social Work, Benefit Auctioneering, Event Planning, financial institutions, the service industry and Political Campaign Management. Now, she help others achieve their greatest versions of themselves.

Brian Swanson

As a motivational speaker Brian has spoken and educated on finances, leadership, and small business ownership. His military career has taken him around the world with the opportunity to experience various cultures. Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to the ownership of a menagerie of businesses.

Brian was born and raised in the Midwest, more specifically Indiana and Ohio, and lived across the country both . He worked in a factory as a welder. After seeing his future as stagnate, he joined the Air Force. His entire 24 year career was as an engineer in construction and specialist in computer mapping technology. He then retired from the Air Force and made Colorado home.

While in the Air Force, Brian became an independent representative and financial coach. His mission is to help families manage their financial situations. He specializes in getting families properly protected and systematically invest for retirement.

His professional background incudes Construction Technology, Engineering, Computer Information Systems Management, Event Planner, Business Networking, Comic Store Owner, Comic Convention Owner/Promoter, Bar Owner, Community Board Member, Radio Personality, Disc Jockey, and Sound Specialist.