Eat, Drink & Be Mary: A Glimpse into a Life Well Lived


This book is the chronological story of how I met and became a part of Mary’s family. It contains life lessons and advice on how to truly live from Mary Mras, a fabulous wife, mother, sister and daughter, educator, and a teacher of all.

Anyone fortunate enough to cross her path surely felt her magnetic presence. Mary lived her life with intention and by example, showed us how to live a fulfilled life not by being famous or boisterous, but by simply sharing a smile, laughing through tough times and loving her family.

It’s my hope to share small glimpses of a phenomenal woman, as she influenced my life, as a teacher, mentor, friend and mother-in-law.

Throughout this story are Mary’s words of wisdom which are in bold italics. This book also contains e-mails from Mary’s husband, Tony, that give us an up-close view of her battle with Leukemia. The Epilogue is the story of how a sudden event forced me to re-evaluate my life to be more like Mary. The end is a list of ‘Mary-isms’ on life.

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