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Perceptions – Are You Guilty?

How we make or except first impressions and can we change them? There’s always that one person you may hate or idolize after first seeing or meeting them, then things change. Today’s mentions: #genekelly, #mollyringwald, #hughjackman, #jasonmamoa, #samelliot, #CharlizeTheron, #jessicaalba, #franksinatra

No More Mr. Nice Guy

It is all about the word NO, saying NO, living with NO and so much more. It can be freeing to say the word NO. It can save you a lot of stress. We’ll talk about how and why. And YES, this is going to be fun! Find us on FB Live right here on […]


Denim and Pearls – Fear Episode 8- August 28, 2020. What scares you? The fear of heights, the fear of business, or maybe the fear of speaking? We cover it all today. Follow us on YouTube and Facebook. Live on Fridays at 12:00PM MST. Don’t forget to subscribe to our new channel for further talks […]

Give It Away Now

Denim and Pearls – Business casual and pearls of wisdom from the front porch. Episode 7 – Aug 21, 2020. Give It Away Now (is it worth it to you?) We discuss giving it your all and wondering if it’s worth it. Have you ever loaned money to a friend? Have you sacrificed you for […]

Back in the Saddle

The return of Michelle to Denim and Pearls. One week out of surgery and she has things to talk about! She describes the thoughts that go through our heads when something serious is about to happen. The before and after thoughts!

Mastering Momentum

Topic: Mastering Momentum with today’s Guest Host, Nathan Cook. What do you do when life kicks you in the teeth? Join Brian and Nathan in this episode as we discuss this and many more things. All in the absence of Michelle today. Subscribe to our YouTube and Like Us on Facebook.